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A very progressive and exciting change has occurred in the accounting industry. CPA firms are now able to directly participate in the "financial services" industry.

As a result, interesting liaisons and unions have been arising.

Many major national and international brokerage firms have actively established programs for CPAs, while many life and health insurance agencies and companies are aggressively seeking to partner with CPA firms.

National surveys consistently indicate that among all professionals and financial advisors, CPAs have been consistently regarded as among the client's most trusted advisor. This new trend toward "teaming" CPA firms with others in service industries enables firms to be able to offer clients a wider range of services under the supervision and assistance of the clients' trusted advisor-their CPA.

As your CPA, Gold, Meltzer, Plasky & Wise have attempted to be actively involved in all financial aspects of your business and professional lives and to provide appropriate recommendations of professionals and advisors as needed. We have, and will always be, committed to maintaining our integrity and independence in serving you and your best interests. We have founded a financial services affiliate called Pleasant Valley Advisors, LLC.

PVA has spent many hours with various investment advisors and brokerage firms; insurance companies and agents; financial planners, and other financial service groups before deciding with whom to associate, in the best interest of our clients. After many months of due diligence, PVA has selected a few excellent firms with whom to associate, who have the ability to provide the full spectrum of financial services (investment advice, insurance-health, life, casualty, long-term care, etc., retirement planning, financial and estate planning services). These firms have many professionals in their investment advisory division who manage substantial investment portfolios.

Our partners have been actively working with several of their representatives over the last year in pension, insurance and estate planning engagements. This working relationship is what has enticed PVA in approaching these firms to establish a more formal professional association. It is important to note that we will continue to work with your existing advisors (as we have in the past) upon your request.

We believe the following are some of the opportunities which will exist for you by this association:

  • Long-Term Care — This newly developed insurance product is extremely important for almost everyone! It is also extremely complex when trying to analyze and compare products offered. We work with representatives who exclusively deal in this product and represent over 40 companies. (Therefore, they are not obligated to recommend any one carrier or product). Utilizing this expertise, they have the ability to make the best recommendation to fit your needs and will keep Pleasant Valley fully advised of their analysis, (prior to making the recommendation to you).

  • Life and Disability Insurance — Specifically, second-to-die policies, key man insurance, disability income continuation, basic term life for estate planning, and dependent college needs.

  • Health and Disability Insurance — Specifically, group health and disability plans for businesses as well as individuals. Pleasant Valley will also take a personal interest in assisting our clients with difficult health situations to find appropriate coverage.

  • Financial, Estate and Retirement Planning — The firms that PVA have selected have many professionals specializing in these areas and, again, represent numerous companies and products that may suit you needs. If engaged, PVA will participate in the selection and implementation of these recommendations.

PVA intends to host several seminars on various selected topics in the near future. (e.g. Long-Term Health Care and Its Benefits; How to Properly Plan For Your Retirement, etc.) If you believe it is appropriate for your needs, we would be delighted to have you attend. Please email Marty Mellman at for a seminar schedule or if you wish to attend one of the seminars

Many CPA firms are becoming actively involved with financial planning services. GMPW will continue "to stress our integrity and independence" and will only offer appropriate recommendations as in the past. We are extremely excited with the services that PVA will be able to offer you in the future. If you have any questions, we'd be happy to provide you with additional information.

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