Our firm takes pride in adding value to every client that we serve through our extensive expertise and proactive approach to your financial needs. We match our dedication to adding value with experience and expertise: we have experience in servicing virtually every type of industry and professional practice located in the Delaware Valley.

We provide a broad range of services through our various practice areas. We invite you to inquire about how we can leverage our experience and expertise for you.


Our practice has a strong basis in federal and state tax issues. Our tax group has been in existence for 50+ years and is highly qualified and experienced. Our accountants work hard to minimize your taxes, yet make sure that you fulfill your tax requirements ethically while working to add value. We can fill a variety of tax needs, both domestic and international as well as corporate and personal. Our specialties lie in tax reporting and representation, tax planning (business, personal, divorce and litigation), tax structuring of entities and transactions, tax research, and multi-state nexus issues.

Domestic • International • Tax reporting and representation • Tax planning – business and personal
Tax planning – divorce and litigation • Tax structuring of entities and transactions • Tax research
Multistate and nexus issues.
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Business and Professional Practice Valuation [more information]
Stockholder/partnership agreements • Divorce • Succession planning • Estate and gift tax planning
Purchase price allocation • Purchase or sale • Merger and acquisition

Litigation Support Services
Attorneys and law firms frequently rely upon GMPW to resolve critical valuation, accounting and tax issues, and perform services that withstand the scrutiny of the courts. Whether your needs are divorce, forensic accounting, stockholder disputes, damage measurement, bankruptcy, expert testimony, post-divorce financial and tax planning, or lost wage and income computation, GMPW has the resources to provide world-class support. GMPW's experience speaks for itself; as with everything we do, our mission is to Add Value to the process.

Forensic accounting • Stockholder disputes • Damage measurement • Bankruptcy • Expert testimony
Post-divorce financial and tax planning • Lost wage and income computation.
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GMPW can meet all of your basic financial needs with our exemplary Accounting Services Group that can truly add value whether it's your business or your personal finances that we are reviewing. We work with business entities as well as non-profits and foundations. Our accounting services include; auditing and compilation review of financial statements, budgets and forecasts, government accounting and reporting. We won't simply process your financial statements, our mission is to add value. We will go the extra mile to help you forecast or locate opportunities that you may be missing.

Accounting and auditing • Compilation, review and audit reports • Budgets and forecasts
Government accounting and reporting • Non-profits and foundations.

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Business Consulting
GMPW's Business Consulting unit has proven itself as a valuable resource to businesses of all kinds. We can help you plan your future, whether you see it coming or not. We can help you bring seminal business events to life; like mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, leases and contracts, or business development plans, all of which take a huge amount of planning and attention to detail. If there are no big events on your horizon, we can still be of service by helping you to anticipate the unexpected through our forecasting, real estate projections, risk management assessments, or our feasibility studies. We look at your business and all of its many facets, to find both issues and opportunities and bring that valuable insight to you.
Mergers and acquisitions – planning • Due diligence and agreements • Debt or equity financing
Agreements, leases and contracts • Special reports • Real estate projections, planning and controls
Management information systems • Business development •
Feasibility studies • Risk management
Specific industry planning and financial reporting • Financial controls • Personnel policies and regulations.
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Retirement and Financial Planning
GMPW has a tremendous amount of experience in personal financial planning. There are worries that every individual has to face, like "How do I know that I am saving enough for my retirement or my children's college education?" or, "How much life insurance do I need?" We have answers to these questions for you. Our expertise lies in retirement planning, IRA distributions, college funding, estate and gift tax planning, as well as business succession planning. Whatever your personal financial needs or concerns are GMP&W is here to help, and provide you with the best possible advice. Our valuable advice will provide you with financial security and peace of mind, no matter what the future may bring. Through our affiliated company, Pleasant Valley Advisors, we are also able to offer the full range of investment services required to implement these plans.

Retirement plan/IRA distributions Estate & gift tax planning Business succession planning
College funding.
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GMPW is a member of Integra International, an international network of independent accounting, tax, business valuation and consulting firms, with offices in principal business cities throughout the world. We represent the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, including New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.
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